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Is Melaleuca a Good Business?

Another interesting business is Melaleuca. Many people are asking is Melaleuca a good business. Some of these people have been approached by Melaleuca representatives about their great business opportunities whereas others are just curious to find out if Melaleuca is a good business.

is Melaleuca a good business

About the Melaleuca Business Model

Melaleuca is an online and catalog retailer selling wellness products. There are many product lines. All customers of Melaleuca are referred by other customers which means that, similar to an MLM, if you want to join Melaleuca as a customer or to earn some money, you will have to find an existing Melaleuca customer. A Melaleuca customer acts like a representative or a consultant or a network marketing company.

Melaleuca is a low cost wellness company to join or get involved with. It can cost just $1 to join. While there are many Melaleuca customers who would not use other products but Melaleuca products, there are also many people who sign up with the company for the wrong reasons.

When is Melaleuca not a good business to start?

If you have been approached by a Melaleuca customer or representative to convince you to try some products, then it is fine to try and even sign up as a customer. However, if you want to make a lot of money with Melaleuca without being a true customer, then it may not work out and you will find many obstacles in your Melaleuca business. In another word, if you are already a customer and want to make some money without having to spend any more than you already is, then Melaleuca is a good business to start. However, if you have to start buying the products in bulk in hope that later on you can sell them to others, then Melaleuca is not a good business to start for you.