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Is Mona Vie a Good Business?

Many people have heard of MonaVie and wonder if Mona Vie is a good business to get involved with. Whether Mona Vie is a good business or not depends on why you want to get involved with MonaVie and your circumstances. For some people, starting a Mona Vie business can be beneficial as well as profitable but for the majority of others who got involved with MonaVie under the wrong circumstances, it can be a disaster.

When is Mona Vie a good business to start?
mona vie a good business

Since Mona Vie products are expensive compared to other juices, the only good time that someone should start a MonaVie business is when that person is already taking Mona Vie on a regular basis.

If you are already a customer of Mona Vie and buy the juice regularly, you might as well get the discounts that MonaVie distributors get.

When someone is drinking Mona Vie regularly, it is easy for that person to talk passionately about the product and reasons to drink it. If Mona Vie juices are helping his or her health, he or she is very likely to want to share the stories so that others may find MonaVie as beneficial for their health. That means, Mona Vie is a only a good business to start if you are already:

  • buying Mona Vie products regularly
  • drinking MonaVie juices regularly
  • finding that MonaVie products are very good for your health
  • wanting others to know your story

If you are already doing all of the above, then it is not a big step to start the MonaVie business, marketing and selling MonaVie products to make some money on the side.

When is Mona Vie not a good business to start?

There are a lot of people starting the MonaVie business just to make money with it rather than to drink it for its health benefits. If you have to go out and buy some MonaVie so that you can try it and make money with it, then you will end up spending money on something that you do not truly believe in. There are more people losing money trying to make their Mona Vie business work than there are successful representatives. If you are not already using MonaVie, it is generally not a good business to start.