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Free Pampered Chef Postcards

Below are some free Pampered Chef postcards offered by an ex Pampered Chef consultant. There are 6 packs of these colorful postcards by The Pampered Chef, a network marketing company selling many great cooking tools. These Pampered Chef postcards comes in a pack of 40 postcards. That means, there are altogether 240 postcards to help new Pampered Chef consultants get a head start building her business.

pampered chef postcards

What does each Pampered Chef postcard say?

At the back of each of these Pampered Chef postcards, it says:

Join me ...

...for a sensational time of food, fun and friends.

It's sure to be a delicious experience. Plus, you'll go home with easy mealtime solutions that cook up in no time flat.

Please respond as soon as possible so I can plan my Kitchen Show. I'm looking forward to seeing you - feel free to bring a friend, too!

Date _________________________ Time ____________

Host __________________________________________

Phone _________________________________________

Location _______________________________________

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