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Herbalife Flyers

Below is a stack of Herbalife flyers that is just one thin sheet of paper each. It is blue and has a picture of a healthy, thin woman running on it. On one side, everything is in English whereas on the other side, everything is in Spanish. This set of Herbalife New Formula 1 Instant Healthy Meal flyers is donated by an ex-Herbalife distributor.  This Herbalife flyer is a cost effective (cheap) way of promoting your business.

 herbalife flyers

The flyer introduces Herbalife 10 seconds to a Healthy Meal Formula 1 Instant meal. It has 20g of protein, calcium equivalent of a glass of  milk, antioxidants equal to a serving of fruit, 24 vitamins and minerals and it is Kosher. Just add water, shake and enjoy.

Some people say that it is too rich so what you will need to do is add  more water and you will have a nice chocolate shake or whatever flavor you choose. The flyer says to call today for a free sample but you can just write anything on it if you do not have any free samples left.