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  • This is the business listing section by state. If you want to list your business, please fill out the free business listings form. Your listing will appear on this Good Businesses website once our editor has approved it. We may ask you more questions about your business before we list it on our website. Normal business listings are free. Please do not submit your business listing for more than one state.
  • If you want to include your business in our fee business listings section of Good Businesses website, please fill out the form below as much as possible. Each free business listing application will be manually approved by one of our editors. We may ask you more questions about your business. Incomplete submission causes delay so please answer as questions in as much detail as possible.
  • This section is for businesses to share resources to help each other. Almost every business has access to resources that they do not need but other businesses may need. Through this share resources section, business owners can offer items and services that they think might help other businesses. Anyone can post any resources here. You can think of this section as a classified ads section.
  • Work from home flyers are very good for marketing any businesses that are home based. These work from home flyers are made by Herbalife International. Each pack comes with about 1000 work from home flyers. They are thin paper and are in English on one side and in Spanish on another side.
  • Below are some free Pampered Chef postcards offered by an ex Pampered Chef consultant. There are 6 packs of these colorful postcards by The Pampered Chef, a network marketing company selling many great cooking tools. These Pampered Chef postcards comes in a pack of 40 postcards.
  • Free spa escape postcards are great for inviting guests to your spa parties at home. There are many network marketing businesses that rely on at home parties such as spa parties at home to build the business.
  • Below are some free BeautiControl Spa Escape postcards. These BeautiControl Spa Escape postcards were donated by an ex-Beauticontrol consultant. They are official BeautiControl postcards that any consultants can buy directly from BeautiControl.
  • Here are some free Creative Memories Keepers Club cards. On one side everything is in English and if you turn the card over, everything is in Spanish. These Creative Memories Keepers Club Cards were donated by ex-Creative Memories consultant who is no longer in the business and would like others to benefit from her resources.
  • Below are some free Creative Memories Postcards donated by an ex-Creative Memories consultant. Postcards are great for marketing your business and keeping in touch with your potential customers or downline. The Creative Memories Postcards are colorful.
  • Below are Herbalife Kids Essential Nutrition pamphlets for healthy and active kids. This is a small brochure marketing Herbalife's kids nutritious products on just a small, single piece of paper folded once. Inside, there are information of Kindermins, Multivites and Kids Shakes.
  • Below is a stack of Herbalife flyers that is just one thin sheet of paper each. It is blue and has a picture of a healthy, thin woman running on it. On one side, everything is in English whereas on the other side, everything is in Spanish.